Paola is the trusted expert, creative visionary and passionate event designer who will plan your destination wedding to exceed your wildest dreams. She’s also Senses Events’ ambitious creative director and stylist, joined by an enthusiastic, talented team. 


Born in France, Paola grew up in Palma de Mallorca and studied in Britain, so you could say that her obsession with travel was fate. Before launching Senses Events and becoming an award-winning wedding planner in Spain and internationally, Paola worked in event design and styling for prestigious fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. She also managed luxury yachts off the Balearic coast and in the French Riviera, where she developed an eye for flawless attention to detail. 


A passion to discover exciting new destinations and make them utterly unique is at the heart of everything Senses Events do. As your destination wedding planner, Paola and her team will scout out the locations that are perfectly matched to you and make your heart skip a beat. 


Sometimes what you're searching for is a feeling or an experience. It can be indescribable. But as your dedicated wedding expert, Senses Events will piece together every idea until your vision is clearly defined. 


Paola gets to know couples on a deep level and gives you the time and commitment the biggest day of your life deserves. Fluent in four languages, with Paola and her team by your side nothing will be lost in translation. 

By the time you glide down the aisle, Paola will know your favourite drinks, your favourite colours, your favourite music. She’ll know the story of your first date and the funny adventures that have happened in between. She'll know your greatest hopes, perhaps some of your fears too. Knowledge that Paola and her trusted team will take inspiration from.  

As your destination wedding planner, Senses Events infuse your personalities, passions and past into a bespoke event that genuinely is made for you. Down to the smallest decisions and most meticulous details, your wedding will reflect the people at the heart of it. You, your family, your friends. It's an experience every one of you will treasure. A wedding where once-in-a-lifetime memories will be made.  

Extraordinary experiences are the signature of a Senses event. Paola believes that every wedding deserves no less, and her thoughtful approach will make it happen. Find out more about the weddings, events, travel and experiences Senses Events plan worldwide.